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Here at Mia Pearl, we create and develop inspirational software that leads where others follow. We are passionate about the needs of our clients. We assist our partners and clients in taking a product vision and translating it into a scalable architecture, factual model, well thought-out design, and finally, a successful product. Roll out includes:

  1. Securing beta customers and managing trial versions.
  2. Identifying and freezing early adopters.
  3. Training personnel using structured case studies, white papers, CBT's & multi-medias.
  4. Priming the marketing team to sell and align with strategies.

Having partnered with diverse companies across a wide spectrum, Mia Pearl strives to utilize all available resources to their maximum potential - most importantly: time, resource allocation, and scope efficiency. Success in these areas and working harmoniously with all members first leads to a smooth Product Testing Deployment (PTD) and eventually to Production after passing in-house Quality Assurance. Executive hierarchy is then free to focus on reaching all goals while meeting deadlines. For each product, we provide cost optimization, trend analysis, precious methodology, proven best-process, state-of-the-art technology and advanced resources. Our specialties are in:

  1. International Manufacturer Trades.
  2. Architecture Design and Development.
  3. Product Re-Engineering.
  4. Product Strategy and Research.
  5. Product Development Support.
  6. Engineered Development and Detailed GUI Interface.
  7. Embedded Software Development.
  8. FULL Product Launch & Post Launch Support.
  9. Support Retailer Affairs.
  10. Global Market Research.

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